Ferry passengers spend SEK 5000 million

During 2012/2013 Ports of Stockholm carried out a survey of just over 1600 ferry passengers who visited Stockholm in connection with their journey.

Every year more than 11 million passengers travel via a Ports of Stockholm port. All of the Ports of Stockholm terminals that handle passenger traffic were included in the survey. Six destinations could be identified in the survey; Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Gotland.

The results showed, among other things, that:

  • The ferry passengers who visit Stockholm contribute direct consumer spending to the County of Stockholm of SEK 5000 million.
  • In total around 1.7 million adult ferry passengers visit Stockholm over the course of a year.
  • Every visitor spends an average of SEK 3000 per visit.
  • This adds up to SEK 5000 million, which is 19 percent of the entire County of Stockholm tourist industry revenue.
  • The consumer spending by visitors to Stockholm generates 4100 full-time equivalent employment positions annually in the County of Stockholm.
  • The ferry passengers who visit Stockholm fill 360 000 hotel rooms during the year. This is the equivalent of 1000 hotel rooms every day, or 7 fully booked hotels every day of the year.
  • As many as 95 percent of the visitors are satisfied with their visit to Stockholm.
  • As many as 75 percent of the visitors intend to visit Stockholm again.
  • The main purpose of the journey is to relax and enjoy their time aboard the ferry for 41 percent of the ferry passengers who visit Stockholm.

Read the complete report Importance of ferry passengers for the Stockholm region (pdf)