The new Port of Kapellskär pier is ready for the vessels of the future

New pier in Kapellskär

The Port of Kapellskär is being refurbished and developed to meet future demands. A new 245 metre-long pier has now been completed and is ready to handle the vessels and freight volumes of the future.

The Port of Kapellskär is being rebuilt to be able to accommodate larger vessels and meet market demands for current and future freight volumes. Now that the new 245 metre-long pier is completed, the port has two new modern quay-berths. On Monday 13 June the new pier will be operational. The entire port is expected to be completed before the end of 2016, following three years of construction work.

“It feels really good now that the new pier is ready and we can see the results of what we have worked on for so many years,” says Tobias Kednert, Project Manager for the Port of Kapellskär Development Project. “As vessel sizes are increasing, we decided to install some of Europe’s biggest ramps on the pier, to be able to welcome even the next generation of vessels. The new port has a deeper harbour basin and five quay-berths with services providing electricity, water and waste water management.”

“The new pier is a welcome addition that means we can handle increasing freight volumes and are ready to face the future with ever larger vessel sizes,” says Peter Lundman, Technical Operations Manager at the Port of Kapellskär.

Increasing freight volumes are continuing at the Port of Kapellskär. In 2015 freight transported was six percent more than in 2014. The Port of Kapellskär is one of the biggest freight ports in Sweden. The location of the port, in combination with the short approach fairway, makes it possible to rapidly transport goods and passengers between Sweden and Finland, the Baltic States and Russia.

The three ports, in Stockholm, Kapellskär and Nynäshamn, are strategically located in the heart of Sweden’s largest consumer area, and Stockholm is one of the most rapidly growing cities in Europe.