Unique pier construction for cruise ships is installed at Ports of Stockholm


If the vessel can't go to the quay, the quay must go to the vessel. The Port of Nynäshamn is now equipped with a unique extendible/retractable pier that improves service and cruise capacity at Ports of Stockholm. It can disembark 3000 cruise passengers in less than thirty minutes.

In time for the start of the cruise season in May, Ports of Stockholm’s most recent and exciting pier construction was inaugurated at the Port of Nynäshamn. It is a seawalk, a 260 metre-long extendible pier that, in a similar way to an extendible measuring ruler, can be extended out to the vessel. Using the Seawalk, passengers and luggage can be embarked and disembarked to and from the vessel without having to use tender boats. When there is no cruise ship in port the pier is retracted.

“Currently there are only three similar constructions in the entire world and we have improved services and flexibility for the cruise ships significantly by investing in the seawalk,” explains Henrik Ahlqvist, Head of Cruise Marketing at Ports of Stockholm.

The seawalk is between 4 and 9 metres wide and smaller vehicles can drive along it to transport luggage and other supplies needed by the vessels. 3000 people can be disembarked in thirty minutes. The mooring equipment can be used in wind speeds of up to 14 m/s.

Over the course of the 2016 six month summer season it is anticipated that 240 cruise ships carrying half a million passengers will arrive in Stockholm.