Take an aerial tour of Stockholm Norvik Port!

Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port - one year before opening

Using drones gives everyone the opportunity to view the construction work and see how Sweden’s newest freight port, Stockholm Norvik Port, is taking shape. Completion is on schedule for opening as planned in May 2020.

Drones have been a great asset in helping to keep track of the many different work tasks at Stockholm Norvik Port and in monitoring progress of the project in inaccessible areas. They also provide the possibility for anybody to take an aerial tour of the freight port, which opens in 2020.

“The film tour begins at the Nynäsbanan railway line, where Ports of Stockholm is constructing a four kilometre-long industrial branch line to run to the new port. The tour continues in over the port esplanade, over the container quay, and then continues towards the RoRo port,” explains Stockholm Norvik Port Project Manager, Magnus Sjöberg.

Stockholm Norvik Port will open in May 2020, when it will be ready to welcome vessels, trains, and haulage vehicles. The container port will be operated by Hutchison Ports, while the RoRo port will be run by Ports of Stockholm.

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