Current and future work

All of the different aspects of construction are taking place simultaneously at Norvikudden in 2018. The concrete for the quay is currently being cast, the customs inspections building is being constructed and a port esplanade bridge is being erected. The project is also working with rock excavation along the route of the railway track.

The first building to be completed at the Stockholm Norvik Port will be the customs inspection building. Work began on this at the end of 2017 and the building framework is now in place. The work on the interior will begin as soon as the façade is completed. The customs inspection building is expected to be completed during 2018.

Along the quayside the drilling to insert the pilings is ongoing, the construction of the quay is being prepared and the supporting walls of the quay are being cast. All of the concrete casting is being carried out on-site, with the supporting walls of the quay being constructed using a seamless casting method known as slipform casting.

A bridge is being erected from the entrance road to the part of the port that will be the RoRo area. The railway line to the container area of the port will run under this bridge, so that the road and railway traffic will not need to cross each other. The work to lay the bridge foundations has been completed and work is now taking place to cast the supports and the bridge abutments.

The project is still working with rock excavation along the future route of the railway. There will be an archaeological excavation of a Stone Age dwelling site located on the intended route of the railway line, which will mean that the rock excavation work will stop for a time. A preliminary investigation of the site has been carried out by the environmental heritage foundation, Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård. It is not yet certain when the archaeological dig will begin, but the County Administrative Board has initiated the procurement process for the work. The rock excavation work for the railway line will continue when the archaeological dig is completed.

Re-routing of road 73

To enable the work on the railway tracks, bridges, pedestrian and cycle paths to be carried out safely, road 73 is being re-routed. The work is expected to be completed by autumn of 2020.

Blasting work

In August 2016 Ports of Stockholm began blasting to remove the rock in the future port esplanade area. Blasting work will also be carried out to build the railway to the port and intermittently over a two year period. Blasted out rock will be reused in the project.

Norvik Logistics and Business Park

Adjacent to the port NCC will build a Logistics and Business Park where companies will be able to establish their various operations in a dynamic environment close to the port, roads and major city. This is a comprehensive project where the development of the area will happen successively over a period of at least 15 years.

Initially not much will happen in that area, as the majority of the work will be concentrated on building the new port.

Work that is ongoing is the land reinforcement of the plot of land close to route 73, which means that NCC is preparing and reinforcing the ground before building work can begin on it.

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