Diving permit

In general diving in the waters around Stockholm is forbidden, but there are a few sites for which you can apply for a diving permit. You can read more about where you can dive in Stockholm, how to apply for a permit and what terms and conditions apply here.

Apply for a temporary diving permit here

You can apply for a permit to dive at the following sites:

  • The Fredhäll wreck "Falken"
  • The Söder Mälarstrand wreck "Bordellen"

The following conditions apply

Ports of Stockholm is responsible for coordinating the activities that take place within the port area. So that we have time to process your application it must be submitted no later than two working days in advance of the planned dive. To be granted a permit you must be able to fulfil certain requirements:

  • The dive leader must accept responsibility for ensuring that all necessary safety measures have been addressed before the dive begins.
  • The dive leader must accept responsibility for any injury to people or damage to property that may occur in conjunction with the dive.
  • Any objects found during the dive must be handled in accordance with the Swedish statutes pertaining to archaeological objects.
  • When diving the "Falken" divers must not, as was previously the case, swim from the land to the site of the dive. Divers must use a boat or a raft to arrive at the dive site, and must dive from the boat or raft, which must be anchored at the dive site.
  • Ports of Stockholm does not levy any fee for issue of the diving permit.

Note that in accordance with Swedish Maritime Administration regulations the international signal flag A must be displayed while divers are in the water. If it is dark the flag must be illuminated.

Diving at other areas in Stockholm

If you wish to dive anywhere other than the sites named above you must submit a separate application containing supplementary information. The application must include information about all of the following points for Ports of Stockholm to be able to process and issue a decision about the application:

  • Purpose of the dive
  • Company responsible
  • Name and mobile telephone/cell phone number of the dive leader
  • Site of the dive
  • Date and duration of the dive
  • Number of divers

Send the application directly to us by surface mail, email or fax. We must receive the application no later than two working days prior to the date of the planned dive.

Ports of Stockholm, BTC, Box 27314, 102 54 Stockholm, Fax +46 8-670 26 01, btc@portsofstockholm.com.