Port areas in Stockholm

Map of Port of Stockholm's quays

The Port of Stockholm comprise a number of port areas. Värtahamnen, Frihamnen and Loudden, as well as Stadsgården and Skeppsbron are the most prominent commercially.

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Map of cruise berths (pdf)

Centrally located Nybrokajen and Strömkajen are mainly use for local passenger traffic.

Värtahamnen and Stadsgården has extensive ferry traffic for goods and passengers to and from Finland and the Baltic States. From Stadsgården there is regular cruise traffic to the Åland Islands.

In the summer Stadsgården, Skeppsbron and Frihamnen are the ports favoured by the international cruise liners.

Loudden and Norra Värtahamnen house important facilities for supplying Stockholm with oil and fossil fuels.

Frihamnen has one of the most important container terminals on the east coast. Within the port areas of Stockholm there are also facilities for loading and unloading sand, cement and fuel pellets.