Stadsgården & Masthamnen

Aerial view of Stadsgården and Masthamnen

Stadsgården and Masthamnen is one of Stockholm's largest ports with extensive ferry traffic to Finland and scheduled cruises to Åland. During the summer international cruise vessels moor here.

Quay facts

154-155: Length 215 meter, charted depth 7.5 meter.
Terminal building and scheduled cruises - Birka Cruises.

See detailed map of Buoy 1 by Stadsgården (pdf)

156: Length 120 meter, charted depth 7.2 meter.
Berth for the vessel Birger Jarl.

158: Length 70 meter, charted depth 7.4 meter.

159-161: Length 270 meter, charted depth 7.4 meter.
Terminal building at berth 154. Quay used for passenger and cruise traffic.
See detailed map of Stadsgården 160 (pdf)

162-163: Length 200 meter, charted depth 8.0 meter.
At berths 163-164 there is a ferry terminal with a double ramp - Viking Line.

164: Length 200 meter, charted depth 7.8 meter.
At berths 164-165 there is a berth for front-loading ferries - Viking Line.

165-167: Length 414 meter, charted depth 9.4 meter.
Berths for cruise vessels.
See detailed map of Stadsgården 167 (pdf)

NB: Charted depth at mean water level. See also §8 in the Port Regulations.

New check-in procedure for cargo from 6 May 2019

From 6 May, a new automatic check-in system will be used for Viking Line vessels. The system weights and measures each vehicle and reads its number plate, adding this information to the booking.

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