Värtahamnen port

Aerial photo of Värtahamnen

Värtahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm and serves extensive ferry traffic to Turku, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga.

Map of Värtahamnen and Frihamnen

Quay facts

The Värta Pier

510: Length 90 meter, charted depth 8.0 meter.

511: Length 265 meter, charted depth 10.0 meter.
See detailed map of Värtahamnen 511 (pdf)

512: Length 222 meter, charted depth 11.0 meter.

513: Length 245 meter, charted depth 9.0 meter.

514: Length 255 meter, charted depth 8.5 meter.

515: Length 255 meter, charted depth 7.0 meter.
See detailed map of Värtahamnen 515 (pdf)

South Värtahamnen

521-523: Length 320 meter, charted depth 7.5 meter.
See detailed map of Värtahamnen 523 (pdf)

524: Length 200 meter, charted depth 10.4 meter.

North Värtahamnen

503: Length 100 meter, charted depth 11.9 meter.
4x10” marine loading arms, for petrol, heating oils, pine tar oils and heavy oils. Connections for base oils. Coal can be accepted. Some bunker unloading permitted. Fresh water can be supplied. Containers available for domestic waste. Road vehicles prohibited.

501-502: Length 160 meter, charted depth 7.6 meter.

500: Length 100 meter.
Heating pump, permanent site.

North of 500: Length 70 meter, charted depth 3,0 meter.
Taxi boat quay/quay for small leisure vessels.

NB: Charted depth at mean water level. See also §8 in the Port Regulations.